Get started with SignalHire extension for Zoho RecruitSignalHire extension for Zoho RecruitHow to install the SignalHire extensionHow to use the SignalHire extensionDoes SignalHire work on all browsersSignalHire is only showing the 'Refresh' buttonChrome extension doesn't work!Extension asks me to log in although I am already logged inWhat does 'Contacts are being searched. Please stand by ...' meanWhat does 'Available credits' meanWhat does 'Export this profile' meanWhat are 'Job Projects'What are 'Lead Lists'Do I use a credit when I export a profile to 'Job Projects' or 'Lead Lists'Why should I export profiles to 'Job Projects' or 'Lead Lists'How can I export a profile to my ATS'enter the domain to launch the search' sign displayed !What does popup 'Permission is required' meanGet started with SignalHire extension for HubSpotHow to search by a one or more locationsHow does 'Title' filter workHow to get contact details for a personWhat does boolean search meanHow to run searches with boolean operatorsHow to search by nameWhere should I enter skillsHow to search by company nameHow to search by years of work experienceHow to save my searchHow to reset my searchHow to find profiles according to contact details returnedHow to search by industryHow to save 1 profile to a job projectHow to save multiple people to a job projectHow to save 1 profile to a lead listHow to save multiple people to a lead listWhat does 'Add Contacts' button meanHow can I create a Job ProjectHow can I export my contacts from Job Projects to a CSV fileWhat does 'Publish on free Job Boards' meanHow to send emails to people from a job project in bulkHow to delete a projectHow can I invite someone to my accountHow to sync my business email to SignalHire accountHow can I create a Lead ListHow to delete a listHow to rename a listHow can I buy a planCan I cancel my subscriptionWhen is my renewal date

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